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By swapping homes for a vacation, two families, from different parts of the area you live in, other regions of your country, or the world - agree to exchange homes for a vacation. Typically home swaps are arranged for 1 to 4 weeks with cars an option to be included in the arrangement. There is also the option of exchanging homes for a relaxing weekend getaway to a nearby location. Some travelers use a home exchange as a means of affordable longer term free accommodation.  Enjoy first class vacation anywhere in the world with free home exchange accommodation! 

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Europe house swap 

Europe Home Exchange  Austria  Belgium  Bulgaria  Croatia Czech Republic  Denmark  England  Finland France  Germany  Greece Hungary Iceland  Ireland  Italy  Luxembourg  Malta  Netherlands  Northern Ireland  Norway Poland Portugal Romania Scotland Slovakia  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  Turkey  UK  Wales  Europe 

North America house swap

USA Home Exchange  Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Connecticut  DC  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii  Idaho Illinois  Indiana  Kentucky  Louisiana  Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota  Missouri  Montana  Nevada  New Hampshire  New Jersey  New Mexico  New York  North Carolina Ohio  Oregon  Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina  Texas  Utah  Vermont  Virginia  Washington New England


Canada home exchange Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland  Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Yukon


Mexico home exchange  


Australia house swap

Australia Home Exchange  

NSW Home Exchange

Queensland Home Exchange

South Australia Home Exchange

Tasmania Home Exchange  

Victoria Home Exchange

Western Australia Home Exchange

Caribbean house swap

Caribbean Home Exchange

Anguilla Home Exchange

Bahamas Home Exchange

Barbados Home Exchange

Dominican Republic Home Exchange 

Bahamas Home Exchange  

Cayman Islands Home Exchange 

Guadeloupe Home Exchange

Martinique Home Exchange

Nevis Home Exchange  

Puerto Rico Home Exchange  

St. Lucia Home Exchange  

St. Barts Home Exchange  

St. Martin Home Exchange 

Turks and Caicos 

Virgin Islands Home Exchange


South America house swap

South America Home Exchange 

Argentina Home Exchange  

Brazil Home Exchange 

Chile Home Exchange 

Ecuador Home Exchange

Peru Home Exchange

Venezuela Home Exchange

South Pacific Island home exchange

Bali Home Exchange

New Caledonia home exchange  

Tahiti French Polynesia Home Exchange   

Vanuatu Home Exchange

New Zealand Home Exchange


Middle East house swap

United Arab Emirates

Israel Home Exchange 

Africa house swap

Africa Home Exchange

Morocco Home Exchange  

South Africa Home Exchange

Tunisia Home Exchange

Asia house swap 

Asia home exchange  

China Home Exchange  

Hong Kong Home Exchange  

India Home Exchange

Indonesia Home Exchange  

Japan Home Exchange  

Korea Home Exchange  

Malaysia Home Exchange  

Philippines Home Exchange  

Singapore Home Exchange  

Thailand Home Exchange


Central America house swap

Central America Home Exchange 

Belize Home Exchange 

Costa Rica Home Exchange 

Panama Home Exchange  

Indian Ocean Islands house swap

Mauritius  Home Exchange

Reunion Island Home Exchange





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