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Home exchange for vacations near your home, across the country and around the world.  A  home exchange is the terrific travel bargain for seniors, singles, couples, families or friends traveling together.  Your family can enjoy free lodging, spacious, comfortable accommodation anywhere in the world.  Read why travelers love home swapping for vacations home exchange


Global offers home exchange across Canada and worldwide


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What is a Home Exchange?

A home swap vacation involves exchanging your home with someone elseís for an agreed upon period of time. Itís free home exchange accommodation for both families, with each getting to enjoy the comforts of home.   Whether it's a weekend getaway, a short family vacation in your area, across your country or around the world escape from life as you know it... Home Swap for vacations is a terrific way to save and enjoy your next holiday.

Home Exchange for Families

From our families own experience, we have found traveling with children on a home exchange quite practical. In fact, it's vacationing in a home away from home.  A family has all the conveniences of home with space to breathe, something most hotel rooms can't offer.  The conveniences that come to mind besides a whole lot more space than a hotel room are separate bedrooms so parents can still move about the house after their children's bedtime without disturbing them.  During the day children can stretch out and play, watch TV or have fun in the yard.  Save on food costs by making some meals at home instead of eating out at restaurants every day.   Best of all, families can save money on vacation lodging as swapping homes for holidays is free accommodation.


Seniors Home Exchange

* 1 and 2 year  Global Seniors Home Exchange membership option includes a complimentary 1 year listing on 3 partner clubs


Home Base Holidays

Echange de Maison


All too often, the cost of traveling gets in the way of a terrific vacation experience. For years, smart senior vacationers have been taking advantage of a unique way to see the world ó at significantly lower costs.

Seniors can search for short and longer term home exchange with other seniors or have the option of swapping homes any home exchange member worldwide.  Once your listing is activated, you are welcome to contact any Global member (singles, families with children, couples or other seniors) to arrange a home exchange and they can also contact you.  We DO NOT restrict you to just arranging exchanges with just other seniors. Seniors home exchange


Long Term Home Exchange 


Long term home exchange Long term home exchange is for anyone wishing long stay home exchange vacation accommodation from a few months to a year or longer.  


Global started as a long term home exchange site for teachers in 1998.  Since then we have expanded our home for exchange offerings to serve anyone wanting a short stay vacation home swap and longer stay vacation exchange. 



Home Exchange Canada


Global is a Canadian based home exchange site with Canada home exchange Canada home exchange   and worldwide home swap listings.   Home exchange worldwide.  





Teacher Home Exchange


Home swapping for teacher vacations and family holidays is practical and affordable. You can choose to  trade homes for holidays with another teacher or with someone from a totally different vocation.  

Teachers can search for short and longer term home exchange with other teachers in your own state or province, across your country or worldwide or have the option of swapping homes any home exchange member worldwide  Home exchange for teachers




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